You put a lot of time and effort into your event. Make sure the entertainment you choose is up to par. Your event deserves a fresh and thought-provoking act that is tailored specifically to your occasion. Vova offers just that.

Corporate Show
Vova's shows for the corporate market combine engaging talk and virtuoso juggling, enhanced throughout by custom-prepared video. In addition to entertaining his audiences, Vova's talks are thought-provoking and inspiring as he increases the productivity of your team by stressing the importance of work ethic, team work and innovation.

College Show
Being a college student himself, Vova is in touch with what kind of entertainment this audience is interested in. Whether you add Vova to your speaker series, homecoming rally, or just have Vova do a show on campus, the students will be talking about him long after he's gone.

Halftime Entertainment
7 minutes jam-packed with the most athletically challenging juggling in the world. Enough said.

Motivational Speaking
Motivation is a precursor to achievement. Few people know this better than Vova, as from a young age he has been able to find motivation and drive to reach the heights few ever reach. Indeed, Vova's life is quite motivational in itself.

When the stale and cheesy antics of a 'Bozo the Clown' type entertainer won't do, see what Vova has to offer.