About (2008-present)

      Having won all of the major honors in juggling, both in a team with his sister and individually, at the end of 2008 Vova decided to focus on his academic efforts. The products of this shift of focus surfaced shortly when, in April 2009, Vova presented a mathematics lecture dedicated to solving the vector wave equation subject to a divergence-free constraint for CSU Northridge's PUMP (Preparing Undergraduates through Mentoring toward Ph.D.s) seminar. Vova transferred to the University Of Southern California in the fall of 2009 and is expecting to receive his BS in Computer Engineering and Computer Science in May 2012.
      Vova's efforts in the field of computer science resulted in the release of a number of mobile applications, some of which were freelance projects and others just for fun.
      Although Vova has considerably scaled down his media features and performing schedule since 2008, he has maintained his strict juggling practice schedule. Vova still performs occasionally, as he did in July 2011 when he won the World Juggling Federation 7 Overall Championship. If you think Vova might be a good fit for your event, let him know!

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